Construction Management Services

M E has the technology and expertise to meet the many new challenges which arise in the world of construction. We have been proactively exploring the concept of modularization and environmentally friendly construction methods in an effort to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

M E’s Contracting Team is technically savvy in providing sound construction management services for Builder Works, Engineering and Critical System Installations.

The Build & Construction stage is ME’s ongoing management of the construction phase of the project.

Contract Administration is to maintain the different contracts between different vendors and parties during construction of the project.

Site & Construction Monitoring is a regular part of the services to ensure and check on site and construction progress.

Quality Assurance & Control is to ensure the construction will always be maintained at the highest standards.

Health and Safety is the utmost important factors in carrying out construction work. All our contractors will undergo health and safety training prior to working in the construction sites.

Value engineering is optimized at M E to provide better value for our clients.