Multidiscipline Engineering Consultancy

M E has professionals for Multidiscipline Engineering Consultancy which includes, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Drainage, Building Services, Energy Efficiency, and etc

M E’s professionally qualified Engineering team will integrate our understanding of your workplace requirements for lighting, power, air-conditioning and fire services with our in-depth knowledge of local building code requirements to ensure optimal distribution and performance throughout our clients offices.   At M E, not only will we make sure the engineering systems which we design are compatible with base building provisions to meet our Client’s operating requirements but also take into consideration both our client’s and the building’s health and safety standards for the workplace environment.  Our objective is to take our system designs one step further, not only to comply with clients and building’s requirements, but also recommend sustainable measures to enhance systems performance and to be greener to our earth.

Interior Architectural Services

M E’s architectural services are designed as business solutions for our clients. We integrate our clients’ business requirements, company culture, and operation needs with advanced and flexible workplace strategies to client cost effective and efficient solutions.

Space Planning involves the maximization of area within the office based on the requirements and number of people as identified by the client.

Conceptual Design proposes a concept of the way the space will be occupied.

Design Development provides the full design including materials finishes, lighting and M & E requirements for a detailed design.

FFE (Furniture, Facilities & Equipment) Studies assists clients to design the interior layout.

The Health & Safety Consultancy is an optional service provided through M E’s occupational health and safety measures carried out during our Facilities Management services.

With Information Technology Consultancy, M E will coordinate with the client’s IT department to develop and/or install the IT system or network equipment according to the client’s specifications or requirements.

As a member of U.S Green Building Society (USGBC), M E is able to provide Sustainability Strategy Consultancy, such as LEED to further assist the client towards a greener future by assisting the client to optimize the LEED level which can be achieved.