M E understands our clients.

We strive to understand our clients’ long term business objectives and deliver corporate real estate solutions to achieve those objectives rather than fulfilling short-term real estate needs. With over 40 years of combined hands-on experience in the corporate real estate arena, M E CRES Solutions’ team members possess a comprehensive understanding of how corporate real estate impacts our clients’ businesses, enabling us to understand our clients and consistently deliver the highest level of service.

M E understands how landlords and owners think and operate.

Every member of our team has extensive experience representing institutional and private landlords as well as building owners, hence providing us with a unique advantage to better service our clients and to understand different perspectives of a commercial real estate transactions from a landlord’s perspective. Our ability to identify every concession available in a real estate transaction and pre-empt the landlord’s negotiating strategy allows us to gain a clear competitive advantage. Furthermore, we are able to provide realistic and achievable strategies and solutions which would be delivered swiftly.

M E saves your valuable time, money and reduce your exposure to risk.

The real estate leasing and buying process is complicated, risky and time consuming and would be better managed by an experienced commercial real estate professional. With the professional expertise to manage the commercial real estate process, M E will be able to to quickly achieve maximum cost savings and recommend the most effective risk-free commercial real estate strategy and property choice to enhance the profitability of our client’s business. M E would greatly reduce the amount of personal and company time and money in allowing our client’s to focus their time on what they do best, while we manage what we do best – professionally manage the real estate process with our expertise.